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Italy Trip?

Discussion in 'General Travel Talk' started by Diago, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Hi,
    I live in CA and I am going on my honeymoon.
    We are going to, Italy; I just don’t know enough about the two to make my decision. Please suggest me with your valuable tips. What do you guys think?
    Please give me your valuable suggestion.

    best of Italy tour
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing these with us.
  3. Good Post , Thanks for sharing with us..:)
  4. I was teaching English in summer camps last year in Italy, and I had 3 weeks holiday between a couple camps. I started in Sorrento and stayed around there 5 days or so, popped to Naples for a day and a night and got an overnight train to Sicily. Saw a couple places in the West first (including the Valley of the temples- incredible!) then went over to the East in a lovely place called Siracuse (where I actually fell in love with a Sicilian and am still seeing now…) then hopped back on the overnight train straight to Rome for 3 nights, Florence for 3, and Venice for 2. Was a great trip and I spent £1000 ($1600) for accommodation ,food and everything I did (I think just one day in the whole trip I did nothing and laid on the beach, ah yeah in Venice when I ran outta money!).

    I adoreeeeeeeeeee Italy! Which is why I’m moving there in January to teach English. Yay me! Thanks for your post. Diago!
  5. Nice post Diago thanks for sharing with us.:)

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