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Recently got there: how to get familiar with New York faster?

Discussion in 'General Travel Talk' started by JSteveX23, May 13, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm from London originally and just moved to New York for a job opportunity. Was curious if you know any online tools/services/websites that would help me get familiar with the city faster as all I experience right now is the same job-home routine...

    I did some research found websites like Walkscore and PlaceILive.

    I like the second one more since it provides tons of information I was curious about when I moved in - bus shops near my house, bakeries, farmers markets etc. Apparently they even have some neat maps with various demographic metrics, safety rates or internet speed across the city's neighborhoods (was interesting to know more about my neighborhood in Brooklyn). I loved this predominant ethnicity map across neighborhoods of New York. I mean, before moving here I knew that the city is as diverse as London, but didn't imagine to what extent....

    Anyway, please share what services you used/articles you read to understand New York when you moved in? It would even better if you could share your personal experience and tips with me as well... That would help me a lot!

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